Types of Games Online?

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With so many online games been developed and played till date, it is pretty tough to get all genres under one list. But there are certain types of games which are played most across the globe and hence they have been enlisted under certain categories. Following are the most popular online games categories:


Arcade Games: Conventionally the arcade games that were played in coin-operated gaming machines placed at public places like video arcades and restaurants. Nowadays these games are available to play in online environment. The controls are often simple and intuitive. Visit here cookieclickerhackx for more information. These types of game are generally played directly at the web browsers and are developed with DHTML, Flash or Java.

Racing Games: Racing games are one of the most popular fast-paced online games played by kids, teenagers and adults. In these games you are allowed to drive a vehicle and leave the rest automated players behind to win the race. Options are there to change laps and move to upward levelsby winning the race.

Card Games: Card Games are the oldest of all traditional indoor games. In their online version, the games are played by clicking on certain cards with the mouse. You can shuffle, pick or move a card easily and play in both single and multiplayer version.


Board Games: These are games that come with a pre-marked surface on which pieces, bits or counters are to be strategically placed or removed whileplaying. The board games come with pre-set rules. Traditional board games are available online as animated counterparts.

Action Games: Action Games are the ones which feature hard core physical challenges controlled by excellent hand and eye coordination and lowest reaction time. Platform games, shooter games and fighting games are common sub-genres of this section.

Casino Games: Casino Games, like its traditional offline versions are quite addictive. Generally these games are online versions of those played at the casinos. Popular online casino games include slot, blackjack and poker.

Strategy Games: Strategy Games are those which come with an already designed strategy-tree which the player has to understand in order to win the game. These games require patience and concentration.