Things you should know about IP address

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Internet is now the most common and frequently used mode of communication, using latest gadgets you can easily connect to the outside world. But before you start connecting you need to know important things. wat is mijn ip address is something important as it is the gateway to connect to internet. Every device has unique IP address and it is basically a string of number which helps your device to participate in the network. There are different default IP addresses for several brands; you can easily find it from respective manufacturer’s website.

wat is mijn ip

It is important to know the IP address of your device before you can access all web based features or services. Every device has its default IP address but because of some reason it may get changed. Now you may ask how to find the IP address or wat is mijn ip address? Don’t worry there are easy techniques available online. The router should be connected when you want to get its IP address. You can use the Ethernet cable or do it wirelessly, it is one primary requirement. Here is the process to follow:

wat is mijn ip
  • Open the Start menu from your system.
  • There you can type the “CMD” and press enter. This will open a dialogue box where you need to write a function.
  • Type “ipconfig” on that dialogue box and then press enter.
  •  This will display on your screen various values of Ethernet Adapter Local area connection; check the numerical string which will be listed as “default gateway”.

This is the basic process which you need to follow in all window devices or operating system to find the IP address. For Mac the system is bit different. Follow these basic steps and you can easily find answer to your concern wat is mijn ip address.