Services offered by the Mediolanum Bank

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Mediolanum Bank is an international bank based out of Dublin, Ireland. It provides plethora of products and services to its customers for a better banking experience.

mediolanum bank

Below are the products and services offered by the bank:

  1. Current Account: Along with the basic full banking capabilities, this account helps the accountholders to customize it basis their changing needs. They can also make online investments in a simple and efficient manner.
  2. Payment Instruments: Mediolanum Bank offers variety of cards according to their customer’s needs. These solutions allow the customers to shop in mobility. Various cards provided are Mediolanum Credit Card, Conto Carta Mediolanum, Mediolanum Prepaid Card, Mediolanum card and American Express.
  3. Mortgages and loans: Broad categorization includes three types of loans i.e. Mortgage loans, Personal loans and Overdraft facilities. Mortgage loans further includes Mutuo Mediolanum, Mutuo Mediolanum Eco+, Mutuo Mediolanum Young, Mutuo Riparti Italia, Mutuo Mediolanum BCE and Proteggi li tuo mutuo. Solutions included in personal loans are Mediolanum RIparti Italia, Prestito Mediolanum and Mediolanum Credit.
mediolanum bank

Insurance: Along with various investment solutions, insurance solutions are also essential to secure the customer’s future. Personal policies include Mediolanum Caiptale Salute, Mediolanum Capitale Umano, Mediolanum Personal Life Serenity, Mediolanum Capitale Autonomia and 4Assistance. Another solution provided is Mediolanum Capitale Casa.

Pensions: Pensions are known as investments for a safe and secure future. Money invested now in a pension scheme can be earned back as annuity after a certain age.