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There are many people around us who are very talented but are having a problem with their eyesight. There are a lot of them who suffer from blindness but that doesn’t mean they’re not talented and skilled.

There are many people who are utmost talented and are perfect in showcasing their skills. Few of them are piano players. Even when they are blind they are exposed to the world by showing people what they are capable of. Many of these blind piano players are playing the instrument equal to the professionals. Their skills and talents are simply outstanding.

piano player blind

But when we talk about these skills and talents about the blind ones, we must also talk about their disadvantages and burdens. They won’t be able to see the piano and the piano’s features such as –

  • The positions of the piano’s keys.
  • They can’t even go through the notes guidelines.
  • They can’t be sure to check out where the particular tone keys are.

But by overcoming all these disadvantages and still learning the instruments, especially in piano, there are many successful musicians.

Here are a few piano player blind and are successful in their life-

  • Ray Charles
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Art Tatum
  • Ronnie Milsap
  • NobuyukTsujii
  • Moondog
  • Jose Feliciano
  • George Shearing
  • Blind Willie Johnson
  • Kuha O
  • Jeff Healey
  • Joaquin Rodrigo
piano player blind

These people are exemplary inspirations for people who think they are not capable of doing anything in life. They are symbols of success and these piano player blind and talented are really inspirational for people to achieve something in life.

There are also old sayings which summarized” people who are a handicap or have lost any of their senses regain it back by using the other senses”.