Pertinent Problems Faced by the Current Generation Worldwide

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The immunitysystem is a defence system which may help to fight against diseases. A stronger immune system means a suitable mechanism for fighting infections.

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The current generation is filled with various problems and insecurities,and one of the major problems is having a weak immune system. Yes, that is a concern faced by the current generation worldwide. Earlier in our previous generation, men were aware and self-conscious about their own needs. The current generation is more or less not even slightly aware of their requirements.

How the Immune System evolves as we grow?

  • The innate immune system

It provides the first form of self-defence. The cells develop during this process and are weak compared to later in life.

  • The adaptive immune system

It is the later type of immune system which builds in the body and stronger.

  • Declination of the immune system with age

Ageing is a factor which affects our immune system throughout. The immune system goes through remodelling and declines which helps in the conducting of illness or diseases.

It does not look like we are in theright place compared to our fathers and grandfathers. Here are some pointers to justify so.

  • Lack of exercises

Exercise is the oil we need to put in our engine for it to work. Without exercising, our whole body remains stagnant,and flexibility is reduced to a great extent. The current generation is so busy on their cell phones that they are lazy and allergic to running or working off their body. This, in turn, helps in forming body fat and contributes to obesity.

  • Spoon feeding of everything

The current generation is not particularly aware of the real struggles their parents used to face. This causes them to build up a laid-back attitude towards hardship and encourages them to stay indoor cooped up on their couch all day.

  • Children are not encouraged to play outdoor activities

The immune system builds up in an infant and goes all the way through adulthood. Current generation children are not 24×7 active, thanks to the Internet. The addiction starts at a very early age and develops a weak mentality as well as physical ability. Outdoor activities are decreasing in number,and it is a significant cause for concern.

  • Unhealthy eating habits

It is a major disgrace for our generation since unhealthy eating,and lack of exercise go hand in hand. Junk foods are delicacies,and it becomes a bingeing habit if not appropriately controlled. Obesity is a product of this unhealthy practice.

  • Lack of healthcare and awareness

Routine check-ups are essential to staying safe and healthy and the only thing which the current generation avoids. That is why they are more prone to attacks due to a weak immune system.

  • Lack of sleep

Late night activities and surfing on the internet cause sleep deprivation among the youth which in turn makes their immune system weak and no scope for development.

Children should be encouraged to go outside and play. Adults should surf less and do physical activities which in turn can boost their immune power. Staying fit is necessary if you want to have a long and healthy life.