Know about the different Sweat bee repellents available

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 Sweat bees are highly useful bees which help in pollination of flowers around the world. They come in a variety of diverse species. All these species have different features except they are all attracted to human sweat. Sweat bees are usually found in burrow holes. This is also where they secure their nests.

Although sweat bees non-violent, they can cause various rashes and can also sting. Hence sweat bee control is necessary.

Sweat bee repellents

Effective sweat bee repellents-

Sweat bee repellents can be a great alternative to killing sweat bees. There are distinguished sweat bee repellents that one can use. Given below are few sweat bee repellents which are the most convenient and suitable.

Commercial repellents-

Commercial repellents play a major role in keeping the bees away from you. Repellent such as Burt’s bee and Repel are both extremely beneficial for avoiding sweat bees.

Homemade repellents-

Homemade repellent is another great way of getting rid of sweat bees. They are very functional as well as a cheaper way of getting rid of sweat bees. Mint and its products are few of the sweat bee repellents.


Sweat bee repellents
  • Few other methods to get rid of sweat bee repellents include the killing of sweat bees (although, this should be the last way of trying to get rid of them), trapping sweat bees through different ways and captivating their attention to different flowers and plants.
  • Another very effective way to avoid contact with sweat bees is by trying your level best to not sweat much.
  • Applying antiperspirants is one such way with which you can avoid sweating. These can be bought in any drug stores.
  • Wearing light-weight clothes can also help prevent you from dealing with sweat bees. Light colours also help in reducing the amount of sweat from your body.
  • Regular shaving and eating less spicy food are a few other ways to keep you away from sweat bees.