Introducing aProxy: our torlock proxy management addon for firefox

8 months ago plusbakhditf 0

We’re happy to announce that we just finished a firefox addon which allows you to administer proxies in firefox more easily. The addon has a very lightweight interface and it’s built in such way that it helps towards a better experience. The addon allows you to import proxies both from our website or from a file, you can also add proxies manually (one by one).

aProxy – proxy management addon for firefox

You probably know by now how annoying it is to always enter those usernames and passwords each time you switch to a new torlock proxy right? Well, the addon saves those credentials and enters them automatically, you just have to click ok and it’s authenticated. No need to remembers those credentials each time since the addon imports all details and does the job for you.

The release is in BETA right now; we would love to hear from you. Please use the comments box to leave your impression or suggestion and help us create a real useful addon in order to improve your browsing experience.

To install it please visit the following link which is the official page from


Installation is very simple, just navigate to the above mentioned url and click on “Add to firefox” to install your addon from the official Mozilla page.  Once installed it will ask you to restart the web browser (firefox) in order for the addon to be visible/functional. After restarting your firefox browser you will notice that somewhere (depends on how many other addons you have there) in the lower right of your browser (in the status bar) you will notice a small icon and a text saying “No torlockproxy loaded”. That’s aProxy installed telling you that it wasn’t configured to use any proxy yet. Double click on the text (“No proxy loaded”) and a nice small window will popup. That’s your proxy administration.

    HTTP proxy: this is where you must input the ip address of your proxy. This field is required and must contain a valid ip address otherwise you will receive an alert if you click “Add” stating that the ip address is not valid. Field is required

    Port (HTTP): Every proxy must connect to a port so this is where you must add that information. Entry must be a valid number with a length between 2 and 5. Field is required.

    Username: If your torlockproxy requires authentication this is where you input the username. Field is optional.

    Password: As with the username, here you will input the proxy password. Field is optional.