Instagram Stalking – Be wary

3 months ago plusbakhditf 0

We have often heard of stalking in real life, but are you aware that stalking can also be done on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook? And it is as dangerous and scary as real-life physical stalking. Sites such as are web tool services which help you to achieve this. Through these sites, you can easily see and download photos, videos as well as stories of profiles which are private and post content only for their followers.

Yes, these sites not only help you to download and view photos and videos but they allow you to do it so discreetly that it can be a difficult task to catch hold of, especially since Instagram itself doesn’t have an interface that can detect such activity.

However, before you begin to get scared, read on. You can use these sites to stalk, yes, but you can also use it to detect untoward activity in your account, and then take necessary steps to strengthen the security of your account so that it doesn’t occur again.

Yes, through this viewer, you can easily stalk an account, but you can also collect valuable input that tells you which post of yours is getting a better audience, whether your followers are interacting with the post you have shared – by liking or commenting, whether you’ve had a gain in followers, or you have lost followers and the like.

Getting all this information will help you to find those profiles which are spams as well as those which belong to stalkers. By finding out this information, you can take strict measures and improve the overall security of your account so that the stalker is unable to see your photos and stories. So, sites such as these act as both a boon and bane – use it wisely!