I hate my life- How bullying affects our children

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Childhood- the most beautiful years of one’s life. Those are the years of innocence, the times where the only worries we had were when our friends didn’t show up to play or skipping homework. Truly one of the most memorable and cherish able days of life. Who wouldn’t want their childhood back?

Apparently some wouldn’t. Yes, you read that right. Some children are traumatized by their childhood. The reason being that at some point in their delicate years they were bullied.

I hate my life

Bullying is manipulating mentally or even physically in order to gain a false sense of superiority. The irony lies in the fact that the bullies that more often than not claim to be superior are themselves going through a phase of insecurity and uncertainty.

The effects of bullying are horrible. Children have soft, malleable minds and bullying affects them drastically. It results in low self-confidence, social anxiety, eating disorders and what not. And in the worst case scenario, Children often end up hating themselves. What have these soft souls done to deserve such hate? That too from themselves?

Believe it or not; in the recent days, more and more kids are skipping school fearing bullying. The sense of fear has overshadowed their spirit for learning. Kids not exceeding the age of 13-14 years are trying to end their lives for this. When did life become such a living hell for our children?

I hate my life

Thankfully, we can still stop this. Some kind souls have been spreading awareness about bullying and teaching children how to combat it with courage. Numerous campaigns are being organized for this cause assuring our children that there are better days to come.

However, children learn the most from their homes. So every time we hear our children say “I hate my life”, We should make sure to teach our children to be kind to everyone around them as well to themselves and also tell them how even a little kindness in our hearts is enough to make the world a better place.