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The road not taken

In the poetry that is written by Robert frost, the objective of the poem is all about an individual trying to decide between the two roads which have to be taken. In this poem he says two roads are to be diverged is referred to as the writer is pulled between which path is the useful choice. It is in the most crucial moment of the speaker’s life. He has to conclude on which road he has to proceed along. He assesses both the ways and takes the less travelled way.

famous poem

 This famous poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’, the path defines our life. The creator tells us that the route that we don’t select in our existence is the way he is talking about. He portrays his emotions about the selection that he didn’t take in his past. The direction which we choose, decides our fortune, our future, our destination. The crucial meaning that the writer wants to give us is the circumstance or selection that we make every moment has an effect on our destiny and if one acquires a wrong option, we apologise or regret that mistake but we cannot go around on it. So, we have to be smart while making selections.

            Even in our existence and life, we take any way or choice but all of them retain the same usefulness, drawbacks, problems, challenges and we must confront them. We believe that we are preferring a better alternative, but it is not that kind.

famous poem

              Even if we plan for the future, things don’t happen the way we want them to be or the way we want them to happen. We surely have to make the wisest decisions among all the other disturbing decisions possible and cope upon the decision we’ve taken.

              In this famous poem, he also tells us that the poet chooses the way which is less travelled by. The poem describes the toughest choices are usually made when they are travelling on the road of life.