Different Features of the Profit Accumulator

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Over the past few years, Profit Accumulator has become an ideal choice for matched bets. The platform is known for its unique features and exquisite services. With the help of PA, you can enjoy a never like before matched betting experience. On the whole, PA makes the entire process smoother and easier.

With this being said, here are few features from Profit Accumulator for you! These features are based on member suggestions and demands.

Profit Accumulator


To begin with, Profit Accumulator has a better page layout and the ability to bookmark. You can pin offers and tag pages. This helps users in finding and returning to a page.


Profit Accumulator is a happening platform. Every day, you are bound to come across something new and interesting. With the help of PA’s notification panel, you will not many anything. This is a new feature that lets users know about the changes. If something has changed since your last log in, you will be notified. This includes details of removed offers, new offers and updates.

In addition to these two features, the Acca Catcher Update and Matched Betting offers are too-good-to-be-true.

Acca Catcher

From the beginning, the Acca Catcher had a My Accas Tab. This tab helps users monitor their progress in the Profit Accumulator. Now, the My Accas Tab has a special check box. This check box indicates if a leg was made or not. In the long run, the check box is useful in understanding your progress with Profit Accumulator.

Price Changes

Profit Accumulator

Apart from technical advancements, Profit Accumulator has delighted members with price changes. The Platinum membership rates dropped for new users. This means, you can experience itsAcca Catcher and Match Catcher.

Profit Tracker

Next, the matched betting site introduced a “Profit Tracker”. This is a special tool for logging your bets and keeping track of profits. The tool comes with many filters. That means, you can visualize profits in different ways. For instance, you will be able to see all profits made between two specific months. Or, you can see profits that crossed a specific figure. The Profit Tracker is subject to continuous improvements!