Can I play as the bookmaker? How does that work?

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Thanks to betting exchanges, yes you can. A betting exchange is simply a platform between people that want to place a wager. It securely takes each parties funds and then releases them appropriately depending on an outcome of a bet. For this service they charge commission (usually 5%) on the player’s winnings. At a betting exchange you can bet for and bet against. Betting for is known as backing, this is similar to placing a bet at a bookmaker, however if you win you are charged commission. Betting against is known as laying, this is very different to placing a bet at a bookie. When laying, the amount you bet (stake) is the amount you want to win, and your liability varies depending on the odds.

what is matched betting

Decimal odds are the way forward

Decimal odds are easier to preform calculations with when matched betting. Betting exchanges use decimal odd and on a bookie’s site there will be an option to change the way odds are displayed. So let’s say you place a back bet of £10 (stake) at odds of 3.00. To calculate your winnings, take the stake and multiply it by the decimal odds (£10 x 3.00). This equals… £30 (£10 stake + £20 winnings).

what is matched betting

What is Matched Betting? Is it difficult to learn?

There is a steep learning curve involved to learn what is matched betting? But with this said there are many resources available on the web. Take Learn Matched Betting for example, they show you a novel way of learning the concept with the aid of flash demonstrations. It is worth taking the time to research on the matched betting as it is possible to make a nice profit with very low risk to your hard earned money.