Bluffs for Episode Choose Your Story game

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Considered one of the most exciting and thrilling simulation story games of this new generation, “Episode Choose Your Story” has introduced a new world in which individuals can live a game. In this game, individuals are given a story to live in, where they can choose their own character and manage their activities from the start to end. The whole game is divided into various outcomes known as “episodes”, where the paladin of the game can command his own behaviour and make choices according to his will.

There are 2 resources which are regarded as “essentials” in the game. They are gems and passes. These resources make the game interesting determining the longevity of the individual who is playing. One who manages to fetch the maximum number of gems, gets an extra edge on his activities where he can survive or be able to possess superior weapons to defeat his enemies. In the game, the additional amount of gems and passes can be purchased from the stores at regular prices, but using Episode Choose Your Story bluffs, one can easily gain access to the online gem generator.

How to get access to unlimited resources?

This online gem generator service is provided to ensure that the player never goes out of resources and can easily undertake his activities in the game. Most importantly, it is available in both iOS and android devices. Using this cheat version of the game, one can easily survive the game for a long time without worrying about decrement of the resources. The cheats can be accessed via the url link given i.e

Features of “Episode Choose Your Story” bluffs

From reviews, it was reported that this game brought about a revolution in ways how individuals can distinctly vision a “future” form of a game. Getting access to gems and passes were considered time consuming and frustrating. But now, only by visiting the above url, one can fetch and collect their first pocket of free gems. Only one need to login to the “Episode Generator” with the correct credentials. After hitting the generate button and completing the verification process, the cheat can easily be accessed.